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Clients have individual needs, perceptions and expectations.


Client Value Proposition

Our purpose

Our mission

About us

Partner in Tilt

To help your business improve performnce and client delivery.

To assist businesses to strengthen and grow sustainably.

To support your business in closing a competency gap and sustain your organisational capability to deliver the strategy, to meet client expectations, and generate sustainable value for all stakeholders.

People & Organisation AS represents more than 20 years of experience from international strategic and operational Poelpe & Organisation (HR) leadership and senior managerial positions (C-suite level). With a strong commercial acumen and customer-centric perspective!

People & Organisation AS is a member of Partners in Tilt, a broad formal community of highly experienced and professional independent experts, interim leaders, advisors, consultants and partners/suppliers (finance, P&O, HR, HR transactional services, recruitment, learning, leadership/management team development, outplacement, coaching, process development etc.).


Our fabric

Our ethics, mindset, work methodology and values are all one. Every day we work hard to live up to our;



To be a business partner with strong business acumen who enable us to give quality advice that adds value for the client. We focus on the core issue at hand and business effectiveness and presenting solutions. The objective is always to support the clients’ strategy delivery and generate sustainable value for all stakeholders.



Trust is earned over time, through close cooperation, hard work, deliverables adding value, meeting expectations, and having the client’s best interest at heart.



Always contest the existing, but in a direct, respectful, and loyal manner. Nonetheless, any advice will be independent, unbiased, impartial and without bindings to any 3rd parties. Ethics, principles, and integrity always apply and prevail.

It portrays our fabric. Who and what we are.


We needed someone who understood our needs, and who delivered


One of the most up-to-date, conscious and competent HR and organisational developers I have had the pleasure of getting to know


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